Crossroads Animal Clinic

Crossroads Animal Clinic is a small animal veterinary hospital nestled in the heart of northwest Houston. We offer a beautiful, award-winning facility, a team of caring compassionate pet lovers and a welcoming atmosphere for your furry friends. Come in and see how our friendly and professional service will makes the difference in your pets healthcare and well being. 

At we Crossroads Animal Clinic we believe that the pet and owner relationship is a special bond, with this in mind we seek to cherish this connection by providing best healthcare possible. We approach every pet and its family with caring hands while remaining dedicated in providing compassionate care to animals. Keeping the family in mind, we use a collaborative approach that in turn will allow us to provide the highest level of care to the animals entrusted in our safekeeping. It is our belief that building a strong and continuing relationship with the owner and pet is the best way of providing service to the pet and owner.

By using a personalized approach, we are able to provide high quality veterinary care based on you and your pet’s activity levels. Understanding this baseline gives us a standard a standard to measure against if anything out of the normal should happen to your pet in the future. In addition to general wellness examinations for preventative care, our list of services includes vaccinations, x-rays, surgery, dentistry, boarding, grooming, and many more. We will provide proactive healthcare solutions to all of the animals that come in through our doors from the community in Copperfield. Our goal is to provide families a step by step medical process that in the end serves to strengthen the human-animal bond.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017