How to Build a Brand that Pet Owners Can Trust

Most pet owners view their pets as part of the family, so they turn to reputable brands that will help them safeguard their pets' health and well-being — to the tune of $72 billion in 2018.

When building your brand within the multifaceted pet industry, keep the following guidelines in mind, all of which have trustworthiness as their core value.


Start with a Clear Company Name

Show your target customer that you're to be trusted with a business name that describes its purpose. For example, “Lucky Dog" is cute but doesn't indicate what you're selling, whereas “Lucky Dog Pet Boarding" lets your audience know what's on offer. This level of transparency is vital.

Once you have the right name, make sure it's not trademarked, and check to see if your desired domain (e.g., is available for domain name registration. If yes on both, then it's a go.



Choose Visuals That Appeal to Emotion

Pet owners love their pets so much that 71% of them would rather snuggle a dog or cat than their human partner. Leverage this devotion by using colors, fonts, wording and images that align with those strong positive feelings.

Images should be of pets and their owners looking happy and connected. Try yellow, blue and green colors, which denote happiness, trust and health, respectively.

Your font should be friendly and easy to read. Georgia or Helvetica are good choices for fonts.

Keep your copy conversational, down-to-earth and sympathetic. You want your audience to know that you understand how much they love Fluffy or Fido.


Articulate Your Brand Promise

A brand promise is a value that your customers associate with you. For example, Google's brand promise is to be the world's primary source of information.

In the case of Lucky Dog Pet Boarding, a sign of a successful brand promise would be that people were to identify your brand with the idea of boarding their beloved pet in an enriching, healthy and secure environment.


It Matters How You Market

Marketing is necessary for just about every company, but it's a little bit of a game: You don't want today's savvy audience to feel like they're being marketed to. This is particularly crucial for companies whose trustworthiness is the foundation of their entire brand.

To get eyes and ears on your offers without being seen as manipulative, you'll need to provide authentic value. This is where content marketing and social media come in. Create content for your website, your blog and your social media accounts that is genuinely useful for pet owners. For example, you might

  • Write a blog post on the importance of BPA-free dog toys.
  • Create a video showing how to clean a gerbil cage.
  • Try a Twitter thread listing the steps to safely give a pill to your cat.

The point is to prove your trustworthiness by freely giving information your audience can use to make their pets' lives better. That means you should do more than publishing puppy photos or cat videos on your website — although we do recommend those!


Build a Brand Pet Owners Will Trust

Building a brand in the pet industry is about proving with every piece of marketing and every customer interaction that you can be trusted. When you do this, pet owners are more likely to give you their hard-earned dollars.

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Thursday, October 17, 2019