D'tails Pet Boutique and Spa

Before D'tails Pet Boutique & Spa (D'tails Pet) came to be, Lourdes was living in Ohio. She had a very large Doberman Pinscher named Cleo whom she took to the local groomer. The amount of time it took to groom Cleo was very long. When Lourdes moved back to Florida, she decided to change her career. Her experience as a new pet owner and involvement with a pet rescue made her want to get into dog grooming.
After grooming school was complete, Lourdes worked for a few local shops. Although she loved her new career, she didn't like the way shops operated. In these shops, the pets arrived very early in the morning for grooming. Many spent the entire day in a care before they got a haircut. "It was a very stressful environment for the pets and groomer," said Lourdes. And that is how D'tails Pet came to be! It is her vision to have a stress-free grooming shop that considers the animals first.
When your dog is at D'tails Pet rest assured that we are thinking about their well-being.
Why You and Your Dog Will Love it Here:
- Personalized Pet Care
- Easy Online Booking
- Qualify Service


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Posted on Date:
Wednesday, August 15, 2018