From warm greetings to goodnight kisses, our dogs add so much to our lives: unconditional love, happiness and companionship. To give them as much as they give us, we’ve created Mixables mealtime mixers, a healthy and flavorful way to turn their meal into a feast.
Mixables, a sister brand of Simply Perfection dog food under Perfection Pet Foods, was built on the idea that our dogs are not just pets. They are family members, and we should give the same attention to their food as we give to ours.
Each recipe in Grain-Free pouches and Healthy Coat cans is carefully crafted with flavor and nutrition in mind, using high-quality ingredients such as real meat and vegetables (and no artificial flavors or preservatives!) as well as vitamins and minerals. Mixables is more than a tasty treat — it’s a magical mealtime moment.
Mixables aims to make all dogs happy, so we’ve produced a line of grain-free toppers for dogs on special diets. Available in 3-oz. pouches, each recipe is made with real meat, real vegetables and absolutely no grain — and no filler to bulk it out, either. Mixables grain-free dog food comes in multiple tasty flavors, including Chicken Dinner and Turkey Platter, so you can find your dog’s favorite snack or add a little variety to their diet.
Each Mixables’ recipe for Healthy Coat dog food packs in essential vitamins, minerals, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids sourced from menhaden fish oil to keep your dogs’ coats shiny, skin healthy and bodies happy. Mixables Healthy Coat dog food comes in 13.2 oz. cans in several delicious flavors. For picky pooches, Mixables offers cases of their favorite flavor so you’ll never run out. For adventurous eaters, Mixables Healthy Coat cans come in variety packs, so you can switch up their daily meals.


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Wednesday, August 15, 2018