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Nepal Dog Treat (NDT) and its NDT Natural Dog Chew are dedicated to helping connect people and pets through healthy habits.



About NepalDogTreat.Pet

NDT first began as two graduate students in data science at The George Washington University in DC, Barry Blackburn and Govinda Banjade, worked on a dog breed image classification problem using AI. In doing the assignment, they discussed their affection for dogs and their histories with pets and family, as well as their own preference for natural products. Govinda spoke enthusiastically about all-natural Himalayan Chhurpi, a hard cheese, introduced in the USA as a dog chew treat.

Barry and Govinda had previously been in software and education industries, but as they completed their MS degrees in 2019, both decided to embark on new career that had far more to do with tangible, hands-on care for pets than data and technology……and NDT commenced.

NDT now manufactures, distributes, and sells 100% all-natural dog treats made from Chhurpi. This hard cheese is made using an ancient Nepalese recipe and uses only Yak and some cow milk, salt, and lime juice. It has no additives; is grain/gluten free; has very low fat content; and is high in protein and Omega-3s. NDT is a global company with production facilities in Nepal and offices in Virginia. Our team in Nepal has a decade of experience crafting all-natural dog treat products from Himalayan Yak cheese. We have strong ties to the most reliable and highest quality eastern Himalayan farmers and raw material. We do not buy from wholesalers, resellers, or monolithic dairy co-ops. We are not a repackager or repurchaser - quality, not volume, is top priority!

NDT is also proud to have recently been granted the newly introduced Chhurpi production/ sales license in Nepal. This certificate is now required of all Nepali producers, and attests to the quality of ingredients, production, and quality control processes employed by the manufacturer.


Choosing a .PET Domain Name

“Nepal Dog Treat is the proud owner of a .PET domain. Initially, our firm reserved a .com name, however we noticed more and more .PET domains while searching for pet care related products and services. It immediately became clear to us that .PET is where 'all things pet’ and the Internet converge. We chose .PET because it is far more than just a commercial classification - it identifies a global federation, and provides a united front, for all people, places, and things committed to serving and improving the lives of pets.

We are certain .PET will improve our interaction and relations with our customers, suppliers, and partners. We believe email addresses, web searches, data analysis, website SEO, and marketing collateral are the obvious areas where .PET is a value differentiator.”


Find more about Nepal Dog Treat at www.NepalDogTreat.Pet.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2019