Roam Dog Food

At Roam, we believe that our pets are part of the family, adding joy and fulfillment to our lives. 
Roam New Zealand is all about sharing that experience. A place to swap great information, ideas and of course a cute picture or twelve.
Fresh New Zealand water, clean New Zealand air and sunshine produce the highest quality free range animals. By respecting these ingredients, with our unique air drying technique, Roam stays true to nature. Our meat comes from New Zealand farms where animals are free to roam on lush pastures in fresh air. These animals are treated in accordance with the highest animal rights standards, are never raised in feedlots and are processed through human grade export certified plants to the highest food safety standards.
Our pets deserve to live a happy life, and as owners we know that it is our responsibility to give them what they need. So in order to provide our pets with the very best, everything we do at Roam is guided by these values...Our actions speak volumes on the compassion we have for our animal companions. The most innovative ideas can come from anywhere. We listen, reflect and act on them. When it comes to quality we don't compromise at any stage of production. From farm to bowl, we pride ourselves on an open supply chain. We hold ourselves accountable by complying to the highest industry, pet food safety and animal welfare standards. 


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Thursday, August 30, 2018