Trikos Team Dog

Trikos Team Dog was formed by a former Navy SEAL, after realizing that the majority of shelter dogs were abandoned due to lack of training and consequent behavioral issues. They set out to become a reliable, affordable resource for dog owners. 

Trikos Team Dog is now a one-stop shop. This includes online training video lessons regarding bonding, training and understanding your canine companion. They also offer a forum with an active community, which acts as a resource for everything dog-related - from first aid to fun games. 


Image courtesy of TeamDog.Pet


Trikos Team Dog's .PET Website

By setting up their .PET website, Trikos Team Dog can be a resource for dog owners across the world. Users can engage in the forum community chat, watch training videos, and read up on best practices in their newsletter.


The .PET domain name extension is the perfect choice for the pet lover and pet industry participants, and all those seeking to reach both!



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Posted on Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 2019