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Yes.Pet believes in feeding only high quality nutrition, so we only stock brands we'd feed our own pets. Our range offers grain-free options, calorie-controlled, special needs (e.g., joint care, mature, hairball, sensitive digestion etc.), and breed specific. Yes.Pet are qualified nutritional advisors, and we're keen to get your pet on the road to better nutrition and health.
Ensure that your pet remains healthy and happy by selecting only the best treats out there. Yes.Pet's range offers options that cater for restricted calorie intake,  growing requirements, and even in cases where a helping hand is required in the breath department.
Make sure your feline and canine companions are comfortable with Yes.Pet's range of beds & baskets. We have beds for the snugglers, the muddy paws, the giants, and the shy types. 
Yes.Pet offers a range of high quality products that will engage your pet's natural behaviour, keeping him/her stimulated, active, and healthy. Although we are confident in the quality of our products, we emphasize that no pet should be left unattended with toys.
Yes.Pet knows that owning a pet is not always sunshine and roses, and sometimes you need a helping hand in the clean-up department. Our range offers intelligent solutions that can assist in keeping your home smelling clean and fresh.


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Monday, May 7, 2018