Why .PET?

The love of domesticated pets is nothing new; in reality, there is evidence we have been considering dogs “man’s best friend” for over 12,000 years!  But in recent years, the pet industry has morphed from necessities like pet food to a vast array of goods and services ranging from clothing ensembles to day cares and even pet spas.  In fact, pet lovers are expected to spend a whopping $61 billion dollars in 2015 in the US alone on everything from vet visits to specialized pet-friendly nail polishes.
In support of this burgeoning market, .PET is designed to help pet lovers more easily find pet-related products and service on the Internet. It even works for sites dedicated to the pet itself (e.g. grumpycat.pet).  From veterinarians to dog whisperers, .PET is the TLD of choice for those who support the animals we love.  It also makes a great choice for rescues, shelters, clubs, associations and pet lovers personally.
.PET is the perfect choice for the pet lover and pet industry participants, and all those seeking to reach both!